Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Ofisi ya Rais

Tume ya Utumishi wa Umma

Guidelines formulation, Dissemination and Research Unit


To issue guidelines and conduct research on appointments, disciplinary procedures, staff development, inspection and performance management.

This Unit perform the following activities:-

  • Prepare guidelines on appointment, disciplinary procedures, promotions, HR Inspection, performance evaluation, staff development, preparation and submission of implementation reports amongst others;
  • Provide clarifications on issued/disseminated guidelines, circulars, directives and regulations;
  • Carry out review of issued guidelines and disseminate produced guidelines;
  • Sensitise  public servants and stakeholders on their rights, responsibilities, code of ethics and conducts; 
  • Identify areas of research, conduct various researches for the Commission, the public service and provide advice on the same;
  • Sensitize Employers, Appointing and Disciplinary Authorities  on compliance with issued guidelines;
  • Prepare and submit periodic implementation reports on scope and category of formulated and disseminated guidelines;
  • Inform the stakeholders on changes of Human Resource Management  guidelines.

This Unit is led by a Director 

Kurasa za Karibu

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