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Finance and Accounts Unit


To provide quality financial management, budgetary control and accounting services for the commission.

This Unit perform the following activities:-

  • Timely preparation and payment of salaries and statutory deductions
  • Proper payroll management
  • Maintain financial records
  • Prepare Salary Reports
Cash Office and Revenue
  • Submission of voucher list to the Treasury
  • Collection of cheques from Treasury
  • Banking cash and cheques
  • Preparation of monthly flash report
  • Payment of cash/cheques to employees/customers (service providers)
  • Batching of paid vouchers
  • Maintenance of cash book
  • Keep and control  petty cash
  • Maintenance of imprest register
  • To secure all payment vouchers and accountable documents
  • Prepare revenue reports
  • Collection of all revenues
  • Managing revenue according to regulations and guidelines

Final Accounts

  • Prepare receipts and payment reports;
  • Authorize payments according to financial laws and regulations;
  • Prepare and submit to the Treasury Vote liability reports
  • Prepare replies of PAC recommendations and Directives
  • Prepare replies of CAG reports and management letter
  • Coordinate PSC Departments on replying internal and CAG audit queries
  • Prepare revenue budget

Pre - Audit/Examination

  • Ensure proper documentation to support vouchers, including authorization according to Financial Regulations
  • Ensure adherence to the relevant legislations, regulations and circulars
  • Reply all Audit queries raised during the previous financial year.

Computer and Data entry

  • Voucher preparations
  • Data entry
  • Receive and process payment of bills
  • Maintain Bills register
This Unit is led by a Chief Accountant.  

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