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Chairman and Commissioners

The Public Service Commission consists of a Chairman and not more than six members, who according to Section 9(1) are appointed by the President. A person is appointed to be a member of the Commission if he or She:

· Has unquestionable personal ethical and integrity of the highest standard.

· Enjoys the respect of the community in which he/she belongs.

· Is perceived to be devoted to the public interest and serving or has served in any proffession and with experience at a senior management level in a public service. 

The Chairman and Members of the Commission (Commissioners) hold office on part time basis for a period not exceeding three years. On the termination of appointment, the Chairman or any other member may be eligible for re-appointment for a further period or period, non of which shall exceed three years.

A person cannot be appointed to be a member of the Commission if he or she:

· Hold a political office e.g. a Speaker or Deputy Speak of the National Assembly

· Regional or District Commissioners

· Paid officers or servants of a Trade Union

· Judicial service officials

· Members of military service

Those conditions aim at providing impartiality to the Commission to enable it discharge its responsibilities without fear or any influence and enable the Members of the Commission to act with complete political neutrality.

The Chairman and Members of the Commission who served for a period of  three years ( November 22, 2018 - Up-to-date) are as follows:

Justice (Rtd) Dr. Steven J. Bwana – Chairman to the Commission

• Mr. George D. Yambesi - Commissioner

Ambassador (Rtd) John Michael Haule - Commissioner

• Ms. Immaculate P. Ngwale - Commissioner

• Alhaj Yahya F. Mbila - Commissioner

Ambassador (Rtd) Daniel Ole Njoolay - Commissioner

• Ms. Khadija A. M. Mbarak - Commissioner

A Chairman or a member of the Commission may at any time resign from his office. Therefore, the office of a Chairman or a member of the Commission shall become vacant:

  • If he dies
  • If he resigns
  • If he is removed from the office by the President upon being satisfied that he is unable to perform the functions of his office due to illness or misbehavior inconsistent with ethics of office or any law concerning ethics of public leaders or any other person



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